(Amateur Class and Professional Class)

General Rules

• Contestants are encouraged to be accompanied by an adult guardian for the duration of the competition. The guardian is fully responsible for the minor's safety during the competition and all related events.

• Official communications with contestants shall be corresponded via email. It is the responsibility of the contestant to provide a valid email address and respond in a timely manner. In the event that the contestant does not have an email address, he/she shall be contacted by phone.

• The organizer reserves the right to produce, broadcast, disseminate and publish the audio and video images taken at any time during the competition. No fee shall be payable. The copyrights for all the material created, produced or obtained during the competition shall be the property of the organizer.

• Any audio/video recording of the performances during the competition is strictly forbidden.

• Contestants are required to participate in all media events for the competition organized by the organizer without remuneration. Unjustified absence from attending these events shall result in withdrawal of prize or disqualification.

• Contestants are responsible for own valuables and belongings. The organizer shall not be responsible for any lost, stolen and damages during the competition.

• Contestants are required to :
- Bear their own transportation and accommodation fees during the competition.
- Show consideration to other contestants, member of jury, hosts and organizer.
- Keep all food and beverages free from the competition venue.
- Abide by all rules and regulations.

• The organizer shall not be liable for any cancellation or alterations to the events due to force majeure circumstances and circumstances beyond control, and for any associated damages and losses.

• The organizer reserves the right to amend and determine the Rules and Regulations of the competition without prior notice.

• The prize shall be accepted as is and may not be exchanged or transferred. No substitutions shall be allowed.

• Bentley Music Sdn Bhd, their affiliates, as well as their respective directors, officers and employees, shall assume no liability resulting from losses, delays, mistaken addresses on mail or e-mail received, typographical errors, technical, computer or telephone malfunctions, loss or theft of computer or telephone data, damage to software or computer equipment, fraudulent calls or any other unintentional mistakes.

• The winner and his/her travel companion are responsible for obtaining a valid passport and/or other required travel documentation at their own expense. If the winner and his/her travel companion are unable to travel because they lack proper documentation, the prize will be forfeited without compensation, and a new draw may be held.

• The winner must be available to travel on the dates mentioned in the prize description. If the winner is unable to compete on the designated dates, the prize shall be forfeited without compensation.

Jury Rules

• All competitions are judged by the Jury Panel.

• The Jury shall assess contestants' interpretative and pianistic skills, such as musicality & artistry, technical mastery, adherence to the score and stage presence.

• Every member of the Jury will listen, assess all contestants at each stage of the competition and take part in the Jury deliberations.

• The assessments of the Jury shall be confidential.

• The Jury Panel has the final decision and no correspondence will be entertained.

• All contestants shall have no right to appeal under any circumstances.


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