1. When is the Registration Deadline?
a. Registration remains open until 31st December 2024 but it will be closed if the registration limit is reached before then.

2. Can participate more than one Class simultaneously?
a. No, each contestant only allow to participate only one of the classes.

3. Is it refundable if withdraw from the competition after submitted the application?
a. No, there will be no refunds for withdrawals after online application has been submitted.

4. What if applied for an incorrect age group?
a. Please kindly contact us, +60 11-5419 3918 Steinway Galleries Malaysia, we will guide you through the process.

5. How if made spelling error on participants name or repertoire(s), can you correct it?
a. Yes, but it will incur an administrative fee of RM100.

6. How if submitted wrong repertoire(s) for the competition, can you change it?
a. Repertoire is not allowed to change once registered.

7. How if encountered a problem during payment transaction?
a. Please kindly contact us, +60 11-5419 3918 Steinway Galleries Malaysia, we will guide you through the process.

8. What are the rules for the competition?
a. You may find the detail of Rules & Regulations on each Classes

9. Are family members or teachers of participants allowed to enter the room during the video recording? 
a. No.

10. Will there be practice room for participant to do practice?
a. To ensure the fairness of the competition, practice rooms will not be provided to the participants.

11. Do I need to play from memory in the competition?
a. Yes, all participants must play from memory.

12. Is all Classes open to all ages to participants?
a. No, for Professional Class and Amateur Class are only open for those aged 17 and below only, while the Neu Class is open for aged 18 and above.

13. When will the result of the Preliminary Round be announced?
a. Participants will be notified of their Preliminary Round result during April/May 2025.

14. When is the Final Round of the competition?
a. The Final Round of 7th SMYPC 2025 will take place at Bentley Music Auditorium – Petaling Jaya during May 2025.

15. How early must you be at the competition venue?
a. Please be at the venue 45 minutes before your assigned time.

16. What is Professional Class ?
a. Professional Class is open for young talent pianists aged 17 and below. The grand winner will proceed to 7th Steinway South-East Asia Pacific (SEAP) Regional Finals to compete the honour of representing SEAP at 21st International Steinway Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

17. What is 21st International Steinway Festival?
a. The International Steinway Festival take place every 2 years in Hamburg, Germany. Letting all the young pianists from different countries of the world for a musical congregation, including harbour tour and experience the culture of performing on stage without having pressure.

18. Will all participants receive a certificate of participation, even if they are not selected as winners?
a. Yes, all participants will receive a certificate of participation.

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